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Hello Yanita!  Tell us more about you – Age, Height, Weight and where are you from?

I am 27 years old, my height is 169, 51 kgs and I am Bulgarian

How did you start health and fitness ?

In my childhood I did rhythmic gymnastics for 7 years, but I came upon fitness only 3-4 years ago. After my participation in the TV series Survivor Panama (Bulgarian version, 2008) I lost quite some weight for my 54 days of surviving there. Right after that was the first time when I set foot in a gym. Last year I was invited again to participate in the series, this time in Survivor Cambodia and I decided to get in the perfect shape in order to win the games in the show.

Can you tell us about your workout routine, (workout sets)?

I train each muscule group in a different day. I separate the workouts for back, shoulder, arms and legs. Women should change their understanding that the free weights are only for men. I personally do more exercises with free weights rather than on the machines. On the day for back – Monday, the workout begins with pull-ups and ends with deadlift and hyperextension. Tuesday and Thursday I do HITT – High Intensity Interval Training. Wednesday and Friday I train respectively shoulder and arms and Saturday is my leg day when I do intensive super-series with lots of repetitions and lighter weights.

Can you tell us about your full diet routine (meal exemples)?

I never miss my breakfast. I have my meals in equal 3 hours time intervals. Right after workout I take carbohydrates and amino acids. I don’t miss the so-called “recharging” day once a week. I drink lots of water and eat raw nuts. It’s not so bad to eat late in the evening but it has to be non-fat or carbohydrate free food like meat and vegetables.  

And supplementation too? 

BCAA, Protein

What inspires you? 

I am motivated by the results I achieve. Your body is the only home you have to live in, nurture it, honor it, love it and respect it!


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