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This E Book is my ultimate guide to the perfect bikini body. It focuses on tightening your booty, toning your arms and back, and increasing your overall health and energy. This Ebook is Phase base of my ultimate plan made for beginners to intermediates. If your just starting at the gym or need some extra insight into what I do to tone my body , than this is a perfect start. If you are training already for months without results, than this is a perfect decision! This 29 Page E-book contains…

  • My favorite 4 day Split training for Legs , Back , Arms, and Shoulders
  • HIIT Cardio training to help you burn fat and improve your cardiovascular health
  • My Abdominal training to help you tone your stomach and get it ready to pop and shine at the beach!
  • Tips & Tricks on stretching , warm up , and water consumption
  • Information on how your hard work and transformation can help you win a 200$ prize and motivate other ladies to achieve the same!

For best results combine this training plan with the Diet planner to guide you in your supplement and diet for maximum results!

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